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Looking for free quilt patterns or ideas for your own quilt patterns? Check out our free quilt pattern section…


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Browse through our collection of quilt blocks and free quilt blocks, and check back weekly for our featured quilt blocks.


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Check out our simple quilts and dimplr quilt designs inspired by HGTV’s Simply Quilt Show. These quilt designs are perfect for the beginning quilter.


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Searching for Baby Quilts or Baby Quilt Patterns? Look at our variety of baby quilts and our baby quilt patterns to find just the right baby quilt for you and your baby.


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Unsure which quilt fabric will work best for your next quilting project? Check out our favorite quilt fabric sites for the best selection of quilt fabrics.


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Look at our variety of quilt racks to display your beautiful quilts and quilt patterns. Simply purchase from the online quilt shops.


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Free Quilt Patterns
Free Quilt Patterns
Updated: December 15, 2005

Free Quilt Patterns

Latest Free Quilt Designs and Patterns!


Free Quilt Patterns

Rag Quilt Pattern

Finished Size: 45" x 60"

Free Quilt Patterns

Old Suit Quilt Pattern

Finished Size: 40" x 58 "

Free Quilt Patterns

9 Patch and Snowball Quilt Pattern

Finished Size: 38" x 45.5"

Free Quilt Patterns

Simple 4 Patch Quilt Pattern

Finished Size: 40" x 52"

Free Quilt Patterns

Baby Quilt with Triangles Pattern

Finished Size: 33.5" x 42"

Free Quilt Patterns

Rail Fense Quilt Pattern

Finished Size: 25" x 35"

Free Quilt Patterns

Simple Triangle

Finished Size: 45" x 60"