9 Patch and Snowball

What you will need:

Block Size: 7.5”

Border: 3”

Batting: Crib Size (45” x 60”)

Binding: (optional) 177”

Squares: 90 3” of assorted fabrics

               40 3” squares for background 9 patch fabric.

               10 8” squares for background snowball fabric.



· Combine fabrics into 9 patches, with 5 darks and 4 lights in each block.  Make sure centers of 9 patch are a dark, not a background fabric. 

· Snowball-Cut 10 8” background fabric squares. Cut 40 3” connector squares of assorted fabrics. (Should’ve already cut those out with the 9 patch squares.)  Place one connector square on each corner of the 8” block background fabric, right sides together.  Sew along the diagonals (1/4” seam).  Flip back and press, cut away underside of the connector square, leaving the background.

· Alternate 9 patch block, then snowball block, forming rows.  Each row begins with either 9 patch or snowball, make sure they alternate.  Join the rows.

· Attach horizontal borders first, then attach vertical borders.

· Your top is now complete, add batting and backing material, and quilt as desired, and bind as desired.  I prefer to slip stitch closed with backing overlapping the front 1”.


Finished Size: 38” x 45.5” Perfect baby quilt