Simple Baby Quilt

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This is a fun project for a beginning quilter.  No difficult sewing involved.

What’s needed:

Center Material:  31 1/2” x 25” (Looks cute with a patterned material)

Border Material:  4” wide. 2 strips 25” long.  2 strips 39 1/2” long

Backing Material:  37” x 44”

Batting:  I prefer to use a fusible batting so I don’t have to quilt afterwards.


Use 1/4”seams unless specified.



1. Cut material to specified sizes above.

2. Add 25” border first to both ends of the material.

3. Next add the borders to the top and bottom of quilt ( the 30 1/2” strips).

4. Now sandwich your batting and backing and front of quilt.

5. Simply iron your backing and batting together according to manufacturers directions.

6. The backing material now folds over the front of quilt, with approx. 1 1/2” showing on front of quilt.

7. Simply pin the backing that is showing on the front of quilt in place. 

8. Sew on inner edge of that backing, through all the layers of the quilt.