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Quilt Rack
Updated: September 15, 2005

Quilt Rack

Latest Check out our favorite QUILT RACKS!

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Hard Wood Quilt Hangers

A beautiful way to display your quilts and throws.  Our quilt hangers are made from hard wood including cherry and oak.  They can be stained light, medium or dark and will not harm your quilts.

Quilt Rack Link

Floor Standing Quilt Racks  

All our Quilt Racks are available in: Pine, Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Maple.

All our Quilt  Racks are custom made to the size you order.
Add a little to the hanger size, most customers add 2"
If your quilt is 30", then choose a 32" Hanging Width


Quilt Rack Link

Wrought Iron/Metal Floor Standing Quilt Racks

These Quilt Racks are imports.

We have carefully selected these racks and inspected them
 for quality before we offered them here.

This is a hand-forged wrought iron quilt rack   Extremely sturdy and stable. 

35" high  26" wide  13" deep. 


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Ladder Quilt Rack

Our quilt ladder measures 68" TALL X 24" WIDE. The bottom and top are tapered to rest flush with the wall and floor. The bottom extends 21" from the wall.Made from solid oak

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Color & Wood Quilt Clips

This type of quilt clip uses two pieces of wood compressed together by a system of  a T-Nut, Threaded rod and a Hardwood knob . Our clips are wider than most at a full 3". Contact Surfaces are machined within very close tolerances. This ensures that your clip has the best holding tension possible. A nice alternative to a quilt rack.

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Shaker Series Compression Quilt Racks

This type of rack uses 2 pieces of wood compressed together by a system of 
T-Nuts, Threaded rod and Hardwood knobs .

Contact Surfaces are machined within very close tolerances.
This ensures that your rack has the best holding tension possible.
Your Quilt does not come in contact with the holding knobs
 and will NOT put holes in you quilt.