For Half Square Triangle Units (star points):

8 light squares 3 7/8"
8 dark squares 3 7/8"

Light Squares for Corners:

4 3 1/2 squares

Star Four Patch

1. Use a pencil or permanent marker to draw a diagonal line, from corner to corner,

on the reverse side of each 3-7/8" light square.



2. Align a light square with a dark square, right sides together.

3. Sew a seam exactly 1/4" from each side of the center line. Cut apart on the center line,

then press units open. Each should measure exactly 3-1/2" square. If you started out with

oversized squares, trim the units back to measure 3-1/2", keeping the diagonal line centered.


4. Now join triangle units together to form rows like this:






5. Sew the 2 vertical rows to the sides of the 4 patch unit first:




6. Add the top and bottom rows to complete the block:

Text Box: Quilt Block	Quilt Block	Quilt Block	Quilt Block	Quilt Block